According to a report by the Chilean Under-Secretary for International Economic Relations, more than 1,200 national companies have carried out over 3,200 projects abroad since 1990, with the United States being one of Chile’s leading destinations for capital investments. 

Bruzzone y González, with the commitment to accompany its clients throughout the internationalization journey from the idea to the start of the business, opened its new office in Miami, enhancing its advisory service for companies seeking to expand to the USA., As well as for companies in the United States that see Chile as a platform for new regional markets. 

With a multidisciplinary team, and a vast network in Chile and the United States, Bruzzone y González offers a comprehensive solution to face each of the challenges that internationalization generates:

  • Incorporation of the company and preparation of statutes
  • Evaluation and implementation of the company structure
  • Network management: Searches for key contacts in the value chain, potential partners, and investors
  • Advice on the conclusion of contracts, contacts with the authority, obtaining permits, patents, or compliance with the respective regulation.
  • Maintenance of the legal structure in the United States
  • Accounting services
  • Record keeping
  • Tax and corporate advice
  • Real estate investment
  • M&As, joint ventures, private equity 

If you want to expand to the United States or take advantage of Chile’s position as a platform for new markets in the region, contact us to support you in this challenge!