Family businesses: Estate planning and inheritances

We assist families in growing and globalizing their businesses, fostering the integration of
new generations into the management and ownership of the group, and facilitating
effective collaboration between the family and the company.

Our team, composed of lawyers specializing in family enterprises, delivers strategic
counsel to your family. We offer extensive expertise in business and corporate governance
structures, along with in-depth knowledge of legal, tax, and wealth planning, including
inheritance matters.


  • Development and review of the corporate governance (bylaws and shareholder agreements).
  • Structuring a family office.
  • Protection of the family group’s assets.
  • Organization of the Family Business (establishment of family holdings or other collective investment entities).
  • Transaction of shares in Family Businesses.
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Tax advice.
  • Advisory in succession and inheritance processes.
  • Advisory in Real Estate Investments in Chile and the United States.
  • Internationalization and international corporate structures.

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