Corporate consulting

The corporate consultancy of Bruzzone & González provides day-to-day legal support for our clients in all aspects related to the ordinary course of the Company, including company registration, bylaws, shareholder registry, powers of attorney, negotiations, and drafting of contracts, as well as ensuring compliance with all obligations imposed by law and regulatory authorities on supervised entities.


  • Permanent legal advice on all aspects related to the Company’s ordinary business.
  • Drafting of all types of corporate documents of the Company, namely, incorporation of companies, modifications of bylaws, powers, minutes of Constitutional Shareholders, Shareholders’ Agreements, Boards of Directors, and all related corporate documentation.
  • Preparation and annual updating of the Company’s corporate books (minute books and Shareholders’ Registry).
  • Negotiation, drafting, and closing of contracts related to the ordinary course of the Company’s business, including standard contracts with clients and suppliers.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements according to the type of supervised entity.
  • Advice on commercial matters in general.

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